How I Made My Icon (Instagram)

So I recently changed my icon on Instagram and I thought that it would be useful to share how I made my icon in case anyone was wondering!

Logo- IG

My new icon!

Why I changed my icon: 

I decided it was time to change my icon because I felt that my old icon was getting a little boring. There are many reasons you may want to change your IG icon including the following:

  • You have changed your style of post or theme – If you have changed the style of your notes, the colours you post or even if you just started to post your notes in a different lighting, it is best to change your icon so that it fits in with the rest of your account.
  • You do not feel your icon matches you – If you have had a recent personality change and you are starting to feel like you just need a new  you (for any reason!) you may consider changing your icon so that it matches your personality better.
  • You feel like yours looks too similar to others- It is very clear that many accounts have icons that look alike depending on what the current trend is. You may feel like your icon is similar to too many other accounts and you want to change in order to make your account more unique and noticeable.

How I changed my icon: 

I used the website PicMonkey to make my icon because it is free and has many tools that I knew I was going to use. It offers you to either edit, touch up (portraits), design or make a collage. Some tools it lets you use within these include layering pictures, uploading pictures from social media sites as well as from your computer, adding stickers and clip art from their database and erasing around an image so that you can get rid of backgrounds.

picmonkey banner

  1. First of all I chose a background for my icon. I did this by simply typing in what I was looking for on Google. Once I did this, I edited the search tools to only include large images so that the image would be large enough to use on my IG and this blog. googlesearchtools
  2. Then I used the editing tool on PicMonkey and uploaded the background image that I chose. Then I decided that I wanted to include the girl that my previous icon was based on (the Clip Art brunette student). To do this, I clicked on the overlays menu at the side of the page and chose ‘Add your own’.I then uploaded and image. Once I did this, the image appeared on my background.

Overlays3. I then Deleted the background of my picture, using the Eraser tool. TIP: If your background is white, set the blend mode to Multiply and it should delete the white background (beware, it will only work in some cases).


4. I then added the scroll using the Overlays menu. From this menu you are able to add a range of clip art onto your icon. Anything without the crown symbol crown is free to use. Once you add it you are free to change colours (only on some overlays), play with the blending mode and change the size and position.

5. Then I added the text. You can do this simply by choosing the text menu on the left hand side. Edit the text to say what you want to say, play around with the font until you get something to suit you and then change the colour to suit your background and any pictures or overlays you added.


Hopefully this is thorough enough to help you understand how to make an icon for your IG, FB or Twitter using the free service from PicMonkey. If you loved the website and loved its simplicity there is an option to pay for a premium account where you have more access to different tools, more overlays, more fonts and overall a better experience. However, the free version is good enough for my use and making an icon is easy enough without paying for the premium so it is up to you!



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