Quirky Stationery Finds!

So, as I find myself regularly searching website after website for cool new stationery (never actually buying anything unfortunately!), I thought I would share some of my favourite and most quirky stationery finds!

Please keep in mind that the prices are in UK pounds, I do not actually own any of the items below (unfortunately) so I am not aware of the quality of build or service and I am not at all in contact with any of the following shops so this is entirely not biased! These prices are also correct to the time of publishing so I apologize if the prices rise.

  1. Shopping Trip Desk Tidy: So The Works sells the cutest little shopping trolleys and shopping baskets that you can put on your desk to store your stationery from post-its to pens. The Trolley has rolling wheels and a working child seat! Each of the items separately are £4, however, if you but the two together you can get it for £6 which sounds like a bargain to me!

Click Here if you want to be redirected onto The Works website

2. Succulent Plants Pencil Case: So I am mad for all things plant, especially when cacti are        involved. I will never have enough cacti in my room! This pencil case is great to take to        school or university or even work. I honestly am in love with this product! This is £4 from KawaiiPenShop which is well-known if you are a studygrammer like me.


Click here if you want to be redirected to Kawaii Pen Shop

Click here if you want to be redirected to Kawaii Pen Shops Instagram

3. Tape Desk Tidy: So this cute little addition to your desk looks like an old tape. It is great for storing pens and pencils and also dispenses tape (kind of ironic!). This stationery treasure comes from a seller on Amazon for £18 with free delivery.


To be redirected to Amazon to view or buy this product, click Here

4. London Skyline Ruler: This awesome ruler, 20cm long, is engraved with the beautiful skyline of London. I just loved it. This jewel comes from Oh Deer, a well known gift company, at the price of £6.95


Click here to be redirected to Oh Deer 

5. Succulent Plant Paper Stickers: Now, if you are anything like me, stickers are a necessity! I will never ever run out of stickers because I buy them nearly every time I  spot them. Kawaii Pen Shop have mixed together my two favourite things; Cacti and stickers. These beautiful stickers £2.36 for 45 pieces. Bargain!


Click here to be redirect to Kawaii Pen shop

Click here to be redirected to Kawaii Pen Shops Instagram

6. Black Globe: To any geographer or inspiring traveler, this product is for you. This black and silver globe is just perfect. To top things off, it is only £20 from The Works! Cute, practical and cheap- what more do you want!


Click here to be redirected to The Works

So this is all from me, but please comment or like if you would like to see me post more of these quirky study finds in the near future!


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