Free Organisation PRINTOUTS!!!

Today I made some free printouts for you to try in order to help keep yourself organised!

Daily Organiser: 

daily organiser

This printout is to help you make sure you are planning what work you are going to do. In my planner I tend to write vague notes likes ‘Unit 1 Geography revision’. It is then on this sheet I would write ‘Impacts of climate change’ and then ‘Global mitigation’ etc. This is just an idea for you to try and keep track of your time. There is also a place to put any errands such as washing up or going to the post office so that you can do those things when you have little pockets of time. The prep box I added because I have looked far and low for a daily organiser with a little box to write what I need to remember for the next day. In that box I would write things such as ‘prep lunch for tomorrow’ or ‘Prepare my bag’.

Download here! daily organiser

Revision trackers

I made two revision trackers, both of which work alongside each other. I based these on my bujo.

revisioner tracker 1

This revision tracker is a day to day monthly overview of how much revision you have done each day. I use this to motivate myself into doing more work! In the months when there is only 30 days or 28 days, I just black out the bottom rows with a sharpie pen. Each month I choose a colour scheme and just fill in the boxes to say how long I have revised each day- I often do 1.5 hours at a time so I fill in the box halve way for each half an hour.

Download here!  revision tracker 1

revision tracker 2

This is another revision tracker. I use this as another monthly overview but rather than it being how many hours each day, it is how many hours per subject each month. I use 8 different topics (AS Biology, A2 Biology, Mechanics, C4, C3, Decisions, AS geography and A2 geography) and each time I do revision I fill in how much I have done for each subject. This helped me to realize which subjects I didn’t revise for very much. I could do up to 5 hours of revision each day for a week and only do 2 hours of C4 because I am not as interested in it.

Download Here! revision tracker 2



I hope this will be of use to you guys and help you stay extra organised! Please follow me or like/comment if you want to make any comments, suggest ideas for new printouts, or have any questions for me! Also please feel free to tag my Instagram @studentfiles into your posts or story if you choose to use these printouts to try and help share my page and introduce others to my blog. Thankyou!


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